Equitable Development Plans


Parks can have equitable development plans, just as cities can have equitable development plans. The 11st Bridge Park connecting Anacostia and Washington D.C, has its own equitable development plan which focuses on creating equitable outcomes in housing, small business, and workforce development, and cultural activations. The park is spending 6 years implementing stabilizing equity programs before even breaking ground in order to ensure that all residents can survive and thrive in their neighborhood. As park of the process of creating the park, the project has attracted large donations from J. P. Morgan Chase to create an Anacostia Community Land Trust and partnered with Manna to provide tenant's rights classes and  hosts a monthly home buyers club with savings match dollars for low income residents as well as small business mentoring programs.

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The plan focuses on 19 outcomes.

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The project is being monitored by the Urban Land Institute.

Cities that have already experienced extreme growth and displacement like Seattle and Austin have adopted comprehensive equitable development plans.

Seattle's Comprehensive Equity Plan

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